CB-IR Training

The Instrument Rating (IR) allows private pilots to fly in cloud, in any class of airspace. A private flight can take off in any visibility conditions and for you to fly a Class I ILS descent to a decision height of 200ft and RVR of 550m.

No one wants to fly in poor visibility, but the Instrument Rating will navigate you through it.

The aim of the competency based modular EASA “CB-IR” course is for the student pilot to act as PIC in IMC under IFR both within and outside controlled airspace.

The CB-IR training is tailored to your specific needs to get you up to the standard required to pass the initial IR flight test. Part of the (up 30 hours) can be flown outside an ATO with qualified IRI(A) 

The CB-IR is available for aeroplanes only. The privileges of the CB-IR do not include flying ‘high-performance aeroplanes’ (HPA) under IFR unless further theoretical knowledge is obtained. Learning objectives for complex and high-performance aircraft have been shifted to a separate, later exam for those progressing beyond light aircraft.

The base requirement is 40 hrs IFR experience (for CB-IR on SEP) prior to being permitted to take the Initial IR Test. Theory requirement is 80 hours of which 72 hours can be done via our web-base distance learning platform. The theory part is available in English only.

The CB IR is a full ICAO IR, and the skills test is same as the full IR skills test. Only the route used to obtain the IR differs. The CB-IR isn’t a rating, but more so a route to the rating. 

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