Blue Skies Aviation Oy is a pilot academy established in 2009 by two professional pilots specialising in general aviation needs. Blue Skies Pilot Academy develops Finnish aviation by offering high-quality training at a competitive price. Our objective is to train skilled, alert pilots with good and safe aviation habits who also operate as promoters of general aviation knowledge and safety culture.

We provide training flexibly around Finland: Vesivehmaa, Imatra, Pyhtää, Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, Joensuu

The majority of our training operations occur in connection with the Lahti-Vesivehmaa aerodrome, which is located in Asikkala and operates as the domicile of our company. We also cooperate with different instructors in, for example Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Immola in Imatra and Pyhtää-Redstone. Blue Skies offers theory and flight training required for a light aircraft pilot licence LAPL(A) and a private pilot licence PPL(A), NF night flying training, SEP(sea) seaplane training and SEP training flights required for extending the validity of licenses. We also arrange supplementary training for individuals that already hold a pilot licence. Examples include accuracy and commercial flight training, and flying in controlled and international air spaces. We also train flight instructors FI(A) and class rating instructors CRI(A) for SEP(land), SEP(sea) and MEP(land) classes. Training is always implemented in accordance with the customer’s individual wishes and needs.


The common responsibility in environmental development is important to us. We aim to promote and develop environmentally friendlier aviation in Finland with our own operations. During the training, we teach an economical flying method and particularly pay attention to noise reduction in both flight methods and the selection of flight routes.


The high-quality and modular aviation training platform Aviatron, developed by Blue Skies, ensures a reliable foundation for the premium training of recreational pilots, professional pilots, and flight instructors. Aviatron is one of the best ERP systems in aviation training. The use of digital operating environments and distance learning is increasing rapidly, and we want to be even more closely a part of it.


Our personal, direct, and flexible service ensures high-quality training and a functional foundation for aviation. We implement the training in accordance with individual wishes with respect to your own schedules and objectives. The aviation training location is also determined with respect to your needs. Our staff is prepared to serve you when it suits you best.