Air navigation license and additional training

Blue Skies Pilot Academy offers you Finland's most comprehensive and most diverse range of courses at a competitive price. Our courses meet the requirements of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency EASA, and the ATO pilot training organisation approval exceeds the comprehensive requirement level set out for the course by the authority. In addition, the modular structure enables flexible studies.

Our personnel’s professionalism, iron-strong skills, and the will to serve to ensure that you successfully step into your objectives!

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Get yourself an air navigation license

Whether your objective is leisure aviation or a career behind the controls of a commercial aircraft, we will help you get started. The basic requirements include being over 16 years old and a certificate from the aviation doctor. The PPL license provides a good starting point. If your objectives grow in the future, the aviation time flown with a PPL license shall be credited when you move on towards a professional pilot's license. Therefore, PPL is a cornerstone of modular training and a stepping stone towards a career as a pilot.

Supplement your air navigation license

We ensure the high quality of aviation training and Finland's most comprehensive training opportunities with the guidance of experienced teachers. Pilots graduate from our pilot academy with excellent skills, and they have all the further options of aviation available to them. Furthermore, you can easily supplement your skills at our academy with various accreditations and courses.

Become an aviation teacher

Become a professional pilot