Light aircraft pilot licence LAPL(A)

The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is perfect choice for those who like the thrill of flying. Whether you wish to fly your loved ones through the clear blue skies or wish to go fishing with float plane to Lapland the LAPL is your choice.

Once you have your LAPL licence the possibilities are endless!

Training for a LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence) has similar requirements to the EASA PPL. Basically the only the flight training time needed is a minimum of 30 hours with a shorter (80 NM) solo qualifying cross country flight.


The privileges of the holder of a LAPL for aeroplanes are to act as Pilot in command (PIC) on single engine piston aeroplanes with a maximum certificated take-off mass of 2000 kg or less, carrying a maximum of 3 passengers, such that there are never more than 4 persons on board of the aircraft.

Holders of an LAPL (A) can carry passengers once they have completed 10 hours of flight time as PIC on aeroplanes.

LAPL is definetly your choice if you seek to fly just for fun.

With LAPL you can expand your flying experience with:

  • Night flying,  permitting Night VFR.
  • Aerobatic rating
  • Sailplane (i.e. glider) towing
  • Banner towing
  • Mountain flying
  • Differences training for tailwheel, floats, skis, variable pitch propeller, retractable undercarriage
  • Fly a non-EASA aircraft (e.g. Annex I) . This includes many lower cost and home-built aircrafts.


Hours flown with LAPL are fully credited towards PPL and "higher" licences (like CPL) 

After completion of LAPL, should you want to upgrade to PPL, your theories are fully credited. In pratice you could have PPL as little as flying 10 hours in ATO or in DTO (+Skill test)

Do you already have LAPL(S), UPL or some other license? You can have crediting! Just contact us and together we will figure out Your needs.

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