Single Engine Piston, Sea Class Rating SEP(SEA)

Finland is a country of more than 100 000 lakes! This means that you have a lot of places to explore! Long enough lake means runway! So why not to challenge your self and go for SEP(sea) rating. 

To get into course you will need to have PPL(A) or LAPL(A) and good practical skills in aircraft handling. Float flying is not considered difficult but it surely is something different!

Theory course

Length of the theory course is 10 hours consisting of different subjects like water law, water plane handling characteristics etc.

Flight training

Minimum flying training is 8 hours + 1 hour skill test. Main focus is on water operations like beaching, mooring to a buoy and in take-offs and landings in various conditions. For these reasons we expect you to master the aircraft handling in professional level. We recommend at least 75 hours as minimum experience before participating the training

FAA-conversion training also available! Ask for more!