Aviatron is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system

Blue Skies Aviation has developed Aviatron into one of aviation's best enterprise resource planning systems for pilot academies, aviation clubs and private pilots.

Welcome to the future of aviation!

Unforeseen & cost-effective

We have compiled diverse functionalities for the needs of private and organisational-level aviation needs. A diverse, adaptable, and effortless tool for private aviation, aviation clubs and educational institutions.

As a SaaS cloud service

The Aviatron system does not have any particular hardware requirements because the service operates as a Software as a Service cloud service. The service is used with familiar Internet browsers, mobile phones, or tablet devices - it is enough that you have an internet connection and a modern internet browser.

Only the desired resources in your use

Aviatron adapts to your use. The customised services can be adjusted according to the needs and intended purpose of yourself and your organisation. You only pay according to use with flexible monthly invoicing for the specific features you or your organisation need.


Who is Aviatron suitable for?

Aviatron’s top capability continues with non-stop development

The Aviatron application entity is currently undergoing comprehensive development work. We are reforming the browser version of the Aviatron system. The new version offers the system user a new, modern user interface that is more responsive to mobile and tablet devices. Our development work also focuses on mobile applications. Shortly, we shall also release mobile applications for Android and Apple devices. The Aviatron system and its functionalities are systematically developed and improved on the basis of user feedback, capabilities allowed by the system and new innovative ideas.

A smart tool for private pilots and aviation organisations

The digital operating environment and distance learning are increasing rapidly, and we want to be even more closely involved in the development of aviation's digital enterprise resource planning system. Aviatron significantly facilitates the everyday life of an aviation organisation and pilots.


Introduce Aviatron already today!